From the day we’re born we all have an instinct for creativity.  Just put a blank piece of paper in front of any toddler with some coloured pens to realise this. Somewhere along the way we get ‘educated’ and most lose the belief and importance of creative expression and play.

I founded the The Art Station to host public open art pop up stations in communal spaces where members of the public can contribute to a finished piece of work offering a platform to encourage artistic expression in the community.

Alongside The Art Station I work with many different groups and organisations as a facilitator, practicing artist, commissioned graphic designer, filmmaker, photographer and musician.

I have been commissioned by numerous art organisations including Momentum Arts, Cambridge Community Arts, Market Place, St Peters Lodge, Eastlands Mental Health Rehab to name a few.

My passion is engaging with people, encouraging them and seeing them excited and inspired by art.

I lead fun and relaxed art sessions with a focus on improving wellbeing for individuals and making art accessible for everyone, regardless of experience and ability.

With this in mind, I have developed an online art course titled ‘The Language of Paint’. Go to ONLINE COURSE to find out more. 

I believe everyone has an inner artist and my aim is to facilitate people to realise this.

Dan Donovan